Friday, 24 February 2012


This week was spent mainly in the dye lab. I wanted to test out all my dyes from Kemtex. The fabric used was Crepe de chine, Silk twill and Silk Habotai. I was really excited to start using my new shibori kit as I had researched different techniques to dye the fabric. I folded and pleated my fabric and instead of using one G clamp I used 4 different sizes to create different effects. I had to inject the dye into the corners of the fabric but only left it for 10 minutes before rinsing as I didn't want the fabric to dye too illuminous. I will use my shibori fabric as a base for my final designs. 
G clamp for shibori dying
G clamp - trying to make circle print wider

Testing out Kemtex samples

Injecting colour with syringes

Fashion inspiration board

Shibori sampling range of 4 different G clamps

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