Sunday, 15 April 2012

Four weeks to go...

I've been extremely busy this past month, I have already got 7 final designs complete and I'm enjoying experimenting in the print rooms. I feel more confident testing with colours and fabrics and feels this shows through my new designs. Tomorrow it's the last count down, 4 weeks until hand in and I'm excited to crack on. I've got red bull at the ready to endure the 8am - 9pm days in the print rooms and spend my weekends Photoshopping. Wish me luck...

Silk screen printing

Samples before steaming

Two designs overlayed - silk and organza

Digital ditzy

Acid floral print

Over layered silk screen dip dyed

Shibori dyed background

My fabric designs S/S13
Product visualisation

S/S13 dress visualisation

I love being able to see my fabrics on sample shapes to get an idea of how they would be used in the industry. I will keep you updated through my last stages...

Featured Artist for Pattern Observer

After a long flight back from New York it was nice to get home, check my emails and find out that I have now secured another internship this year and also have the opportunity for another. I also received an email from the lovely Michelle Fifi's to say she's featured my work on her website.. Please take a look at her inspiring website

April 13, 2012

Feature Designer: Jennifer Robinson

I am thrilled to share these beautiful pieces from designer Jennifer Robinson, which were created using silk screen printing, digital printing, embroidery and embellishment. Jennifer is graduating in June from the Cleveland College of Art and Design and is seeking employment! To see more work please visit her blog.
Have a great weekend!!! -Michelle

New York Work Experience

I've just got back from a week in New York City. I worked on my university stand with a few other girls and had an amazing time. It was a great experience to speak to buyers and get a feel for what type of designs they were interested in. Our stand had a lot of positive feedback and we made some great contacts. After speaking to a lovely lady from yellow no.5 design studio I found out that Directions was on at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York. I took the opportunity to visit and hand out my press packs, it was nice to see a few familiar faces from work experiences and interviews. I also handed out business cards and press packs to overseas studio's who were exhibiting at Printsource and gained lots of feedback. I made some great connections and I'm excited to follow up these opportunity's.

Passes for Printsource and Direction, Indigo

Fashion indigo

Me & Philly in Times Square

View from the Empire State Building

Printsource CCAD

On the way to see the Statue of Liberty

Before I went to New York, I visited London for two interviews, it was the first time I have presented my work to industry. Both interviews went extremely well and I have now secured internships for over the summer. I've also been in touch with a freelance company who want to test my work in the industry and I am looking to start supplying fabrics as soon as I've graduated and their finance department sets up the contract. I have been overwhelmed with the great feedback about my work and the opportunity's I am receiving. I've also been in touch with a previous work experience and have an interview for a graduate job once I finish.

I will upload more images of Printsource soon...
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