Wednesday, 20 June 2012

CCAD Degree Show

Apologies for not keeping everyone up to date on my progress. The past few months have been a hectic blur; after long days in the studio and print rooms I've finally finished my Final Major Project at university and put my degree show up. The Cleveland College of Art and Design degree show was a great success and everyone's work looked amazing. I gained lots of lovely comments and feedback about my work and enjoyed the opening night with family and friends.
Here are a selection of digital designs I created in the final weeks before hand in...

I feel my colour palette has improved massively and love all the new Photoshop skills I've learnt. I overcame lots of problems creating my digital designs but think this has worked in my favour as I know more about Photoshop. I put together fashion boards to show how my designs would work on the catwalk. Here are a few previews of my designs...

I love seeing my prints come to life on the catwalk by using product visualisation.

My degree show was a great success and everyone had a good night. Here are few images of me and my show ...

Fashion fabric designers *uni girls

It's sad to see my time at university come to an end but also it has made me excited to move forward with my life. I move to London on the the 10th of August and start my first placement within a textile studio, I have numerous placements until New Year so hope to find work from these. I'll keep you updated on my journey after university and give you an insight onto ongoing work...

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Four weeks to go...

I've been extremely busy this past month, I have already got 7 final designs complete and I'm enjoying experimenting in the print rooms. I feel more confident testing with colours and fabrics and feels this shows through my new designs. Tomorrow it's the last count down, 4 weeks until hand in and I'm excited to crack on. I've got red bull at the ready to endure the 8am - 9pm days in the print rooms and spend my weekends Photoshopping. Wish me luck...

Silk screen printing

Samples before steaming

Two designs overlayed - silk and organza

Digital ditzy

Acid floral print

Over layered silk screen dip dyed

Shibori dyed background

My fabric designs S/S13
Product visualisation

S/S13 dress visualisation

I love being able to see my fabrics on sample shapes to get an idea of how they would be used in the industry. I will keep you updated through my last stages...

Featured Artist for Pattern Observer

After a long flight back from New York it was nice to get home, check my emails and find out that I have now secured another internship this year and also have the opportunity for another. I also received an email from the lovely Michelle Fifi's to say she's featured my work on her website.. Please take a look at her inspiring website

April 13, 2012

Feature Designer: Jennifer Robinson

I am thrilled to share these beautiful pieces from designer Jennifer Robinson, which were created using silk screen printing, digital printing, embroidery and embellishment. Jennifer is graduating in June from the Cleveland College of Art and Design and is seeking employment! To see more work please visit her blog.
Have a great weekend!!! -Michelle

New York Work Experience

I've just got back from a week in New York City. I worked on my university stand with a few other girls and had an amazing time. It was a great experience to speak to buyers and get a feel for what type of designs they were interested in. Our stand had a lot of positive feedback and we made some great contacts. After speaking to a lovely lady from yellow no.5 design studio I found out that Directions was on at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York. I took the opportunity to visit and hand out my press packs, it was nice to see a few familiar faces from work experiences and interviews. I also handed out business cards and press packs to overseas studio's who were exhibiting at Printsource and gained lots of feedback. I made some great connections and I'm excited to follow up these opportunity's.

Passes for Printsource and Direction, Indigo

Fashion indigo

Me & Philly in Times Square

View from the Empire State Building

Printsource CCAD

On the way to see the Statue of Liberty

Before I went to New York, I visited London for two interviews, it was the first time I have presented my work to industry. Both interviews went extremely well and I have now secured internships for over the summer. I've also been in touch with a freelance company who want to test my work in the industry and I am looking to start supplying fabrics as soon as I've graduated and their finance department sets up the contract. I have been overwhelmed with the great feedback about my work and the opportunity's I am receiving. I've also been in touch with a previous work experience and have an interview for a graduate job once I finish.

I will upload more images of Printsource soon...

Friday, 16 March 2012

Developing FMP

I've been really busy these past few weeks testing my designs with different colour ways and textured backgrounds. I have 7 weeks left of my final major project and the pressure is on. I have 7 designs on the go at the moment and hope to have 15 designs in my final collection. Here's a few samples of my first screen print and digital designs.
Kodatrace snippets
Silk screen printing
Design before steaming
Testing samples
Digital designs - shown on catwalk
Photoshop design
I will keep you up to date with my new designs and show you the process and development stages. Let me know what you think of these new designs...

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Degree Show Blog

Cleveland College of Art and Design
BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design

Please take a look at our creative blog to keep everyone up to date with the last few months of our journey at CCAD. This blog is to showcase graduates from Textiles and Surface Design 2012 and give you an insight into our hectic run up to our degree show!

Click below to view blog:
CCAD 2012 Degree Show

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Jennifer Robinson

I specialise in fashion fabrics and I’m currently in the process of creating a collection of printed lengths for Spring/ Summer 2013. My theme is called Allergenic and is based on the allergies of summer. I’ve looked at plant cells under the microscope and drew from plants, flower sap and molecules. I’ve completed my drawings and layouts and I’m at the stage of sampling in the dye lab and testing colours. I will be using a mix of techniques from traditional screen printing to digital designs. For my final show I have been sponsored by Kemtex Industrial Supplies which has helped me source dyes and technique kits that will help with my backgrounds. I have also confirmed internships for over the summer at Amanda Kelly and Mirjam Rouden; I previously gained work experience in London studios; Pattern Textiles and Keeler Gordon.

Take a look at my blog –
Follow me on twitter - @jennifer03laura

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Beta Fashion Competition

I entered the Beta Fashion competition today, I wanted to use my repeat Rustic Rhino design as it's all to do with the allergies of summer and thought this would be an interesting concept for the competition brief.

Please vote and comment on my design here.

I have now confirmed an internship with Mirjam Rouden in August this year, I actually found this competition whilst searching for information on this internship on the internet, I came across Nikki Strange who had completed a print design internship with Mirjam Rouden and also won the Beta fashion competition. Take a look at her designs, she has inspired me to enter the competition as she now has her own limited edition collection for ASOS.

Design entered

Colour palette
'Power Pastels: You don't have to look very far right now to see that one of the major trends for S/S12 is the wonderful world of pastels. Candy Floss and Ice Cream are just some of the words bouncing around every fashion magazine and blog and already the stores are full of outfits befitting of such descriptions. The challenge for this project therefore is to either create scarf designs in shades of pastels, or designs that will perfectly compliment a pastel outfit. The topic of your designs is entirely up to you. 4 winners will be selected for use on our range of Silk and Wool scarves. Winners will receive £300 and see their designs produced and sold in our online store, Topshop and more.'

Friday, 24 February 2012


This week was spent mainly in the dye lab. I wanted to test out all my dyes from Kemtex. The fabric used was Crepe de chine, Silk twill and Silk Habotai. I was really excited to start using my new shibori kit as I had researched different techniques to dye the fabric. I folded and pleated my fabric and instead of using one G clamp I used 4 different sizes to create different effects. I had to inject the dye into the corners of the fabric but only left it for 10 minutes before rinsing as I didn't want the fabric to dye too illuminous. I will use my shibori fabric as a base for my final designs. 
G clamp for shibori dying
G clamp - trying to make circle print wider

Testing out Kemtex samples

Injecting colour with syringes

Fashion inspiration board

Shibori sampling range of 4 different G clamps
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