Sunday, 15 April 2012

New York Work Experience

I've just got back from a week in New York City. I worked on my university stand with a few other girls and had an amazing time. It was a great experience to speak to buyers and get a feel for what type of designs they were interested in. Our stand had a lot of positive feedback and we made some great contacts. After speaking to a lovely lady from yellow no.5 design studio I found out that Directions was on at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York. I took the opportunity to visit and hand out my press packs, it was nice to see a few familiar faces from work experiences and interviews. I also handed out business cards and press packs to overseas studio's who were exhibiting at Printsource and gained lots of feedback. I made some great connections and I'm excited to follow up these opportunity's.

Passes for Printsource and Direction, Indigo

Fashion indigo

Me & Philly in Times Square

View from the Empire State Building

Printsource CCAD

On the way to see the Statue of Liberty

Before I went to New York, I visited London for two interviews, it was the first time I have presented my work to industry. Both interviews went extremely well and I have now secured internships for over the summer. I've also been in touch with a freelance company who want to test my work in the industry and I am looking to start supplying fabrics as soon as I've graduated and their finance department sets up the contract. I have been overwhelmed with the great feedback about my work and the opportunity's I am receiving. I've also been in touch with a previous work experience and have an interview for a graduate job once I finish.

I will upload more images of Printsource soon...


  1. Article is giving really productive information to everyone. Well done.

  2.   Wow...great tips. I love blog hopping and enjoy giving comments to interesting articles. As to social networking sites, I need to set up one soon. My blog is barely three months old. I need to learn more SEO stuffs. Thanks for this post. :)

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments, keep up with your blog :) I've been lacking a bit as I've been busy with my degree show but hoping to carry on xx


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