Monday, 21 November 2011

Minor Project

My minor project is now complete, 8 weeks of hard graft has paid off. Take a look at my final collection and let me know what you think!

Mood Board

Market Research Board

Colour Board

My research evolved in a strange way; even though I changed my theme during this project, the research I had done was already feeding my final idea. I just had to expand my nature theme and made it more personal to my everyday life.

A2 drawing sheet

A2 drawing sheet

My drawing sheets were textured so I found it hard to draw straight onto them, I ended up collaging most of my drawings onto the sheets. I would have liked to do more observational detailed drawings. Although the drawings I did do were sufficient for me to create development ideas.

Development sketchbook ideas

Developing embroidery techniques

I feel as though my skills and technique in the application of print and embroidery have improved significantly during this assignment. With attending advanced print and embroidery workshops I gained further skills and also researched in the library on different types of textured screen prints and fabric manipulation techniques.

Digital final sample
Embroidered fabric manipulated final sample

Digital fabric sample

Silk screen printed final sample

Silk screen printed and embellished sample
Digital embellished final sample

Here is my collection of A/W 2012/13 designs,I completed a range of 6 fashion samples; I used a combination of digital and silk screen prints with intricate beading and embroidered detailing. My market is aimed at teenagers to women's in the late 30's. I am planning on entering this work in the Elephtheria Fashion Textile Fabric Print Competition.

Product visualization of my design

Product visualization of my design

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