Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Where will I be this time next year?

Over the holidays I have been busy with my Dissertation.
I'm now back at uni where the late nights and injections of red bull are in full swing. I wanted my Final Major Project to be bright and noticeable. Over Christmas I had a go at dying the backgrounds of my drawing sheets with inks (which is difficult living at home with cream carpets.) I didn't get the effect I desired so back in the studio I watered down procion and reactive dyes in the dye lab and took to the floor. BRIGHT! 

Studio - Procion dyed backgrounds

               Scientific - Pollen samples

I invested in a microscope to look at molecules in detail. I've tested with pollen and sap from flowers which gave me some fantastic results. I am going to look at animal furs and cells from plants.

Bay - My home for the next 5 months

I will upload more images of my drawings soon. I post any new blog information on my twitter account. Follow me to keep updated with my progress. @Jen03Robinson 

First drawings

Molecule Drawings

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